Durisol ICF builds in progress

We have several Durisol ICF builds in progress across the country. Here’s a selection from our northern region.

We are happy to arrange site visits for customers wishing to see a Durisol ICF build in progress.


Durisol ICF builds


This project is a 2.5 story, 3-bedroom, detached “Grand Design” contemporary build in Lancaster.

These pictures were taken at day two onsite.



This scheme is a development of six detached houses in Biggar, Scottish Borders.

The pictures below are the beginnings (a morning’s work) of a detached, 1.5 story dorma bungalow. This development also comprises two four-bedroom detached houses.


Lake District

This basement project in the Lake District is utilising a water bar to ensure a watertight concrete-to-concrete seal at the basement foundation/wall connection.


Would you like a Durisol ICF site visit?

If you’re thinking of building with Durisol ICF and would like to visit a live Durisol build, we can arrange site viewing. To see any of the projects listed above, please contact our Nothern Sales and Technical Manager, Jamie Anderson, on 07500 190909. For site viewing in other parts of the country, please contact our head office on 01495 249400.