Latest Durisol ICF build projects

Here is a selection of latest Durisol ICF build projects, all at varying stages, to give a flavour of the breadth of building types that can be constructed with Durisol ICF.

Bungalow development

This is a social housing project in Wales. Work began on the Swansea site in May and will eventually comprise eight bungalows.

Industrial building

Here, Durisol is being used to form the external walls of an industrial building in the North of Scotland. Despite only three builders on site it took only two days to reach a wall height of 1.75 metres.

Durisol industrial shed Durisol industrial shed Durisol industrial shed

Small residential development

Almost complete, a South West developer has constructed two five-bedroom detached houses using Durisol D365/120s giving u-values of 0.15 and airtightness of 3.6 with render finish to the outside and dot and dab plasterboard internally.

Durisol development Durisol development Durisol development

Townhouse development

A developer is using Durisol D365/120s to build an outstanding development of townhouses. The first two images show Durisol being used below DPC for eight plots with integral garages. The final photograph shows units nearing envelope completion.

Durisol development Durisol development Durisol development

Large detached home

On this site, a large detached home, Durisol D365 without PIR has been used below DPC. Durisol D365/120s with internal PIR will be used for the walls above DPC.

Durisol large house Durisol large house Durisol large house

Bay fronted house

A Durisol build showing the versatility of the ICF blocks. The Durisol blocks have been cut to incorporate bay windows.

Durisol house Durisol house Durisol house

If you’re considering using Durisol ICF for your build project we’ll be happy to show you Durisol builds in progress. Please call us on 01495 249400 to arrange this.