Retaining Walls

For build projects on sloping sites or those that have below-ground elements which require retaining walls, Ecobrix-UK is the ideal build material.

Traditional shuttering for retaining walls can be expensive and time-consuming whereas Ecobrix-UK can be built quickly and cost-effectively. The shuttering is permanent and can be left exposed to the elements or below ground without degradation. It can also be dressed in a variety of finishes as required to meet the aesthetic demands of the project.

All the wall form units in the Ecobrix-UK family can be used in retaining applications. For low rise situations such as small garden retaining walls, the D170 and D250 are available. For taller and more challenging applications, the empty D365 unit provides 285mm thickness of concrete with rebar as required to create a substantial retaining structure.

Here are two examples of retaining walls being built with Ecobrix-UK ICF:

Durisol for retaining walls example 1

We have technical information readily available to support consulting engineers in creating a full design to the current codes using Ecobrix-UK as the shuttering system.

Click here to view our technical information regarding building retaining walls with Ecobrix-UK.

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