Social Housing

Ecobrix-UK is the ideal construction method for social housing schemes, where speed, cost and safety are vital considerations.

Where the pressure is on to build homes quickly, Ecobrix-UK is the perfect building material. The Ecobrix-UK ICF wall form units, supplied pre-insulated, are interlocking modules that are dry-stacked without mortar joints to form walls. Once at 2.5 metres high the units are in-filled with concrete to form a monolithic structural walling system.

On average, it takes just seven days to complete the structure of a pair of three-bedroomed semi-detached houses.

The logical build system not only saves time, and thereby cost, but obviates the need for skilled labour delivering further cost savings.

Fire safety is of paramount concern for any social housing scheme, and this is where using Ecobrix-UK can deliver significant benefit. The inert nature of the Ecobrix-UK units gives them a high fire resistance. Ecobrix-UK ICF has a 90-minute certified fire rating but has been tested up to four hours.

Once built, Ecobrix-UK homes deliver several long-term benefits to the occupier including low energy costs, improved air quality, and good acoustic performance.

We can provide free training for your building team and technical support throughout your social housing build.

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