Ecobrix-UK wall form units are quick and hands-on making them an attractive option if you’re self-building. Our self-build customers have successfully constructed complete new builds, home extensions, basement developments, garages, and swimming pools with Ecobrix-UK.

Complex building skills are not required so whether this is your first build project or you’re an established self-builder. It’s the perfect solution if you wish to be actively involved in the construction and not reliant on conventional tradespeople.

The pre-insulated interlocking Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall form units are dry-stacked together to form the walls and then in-filled with concrete. Different from other ICF wall form units made from polystyrene, there is no cost incurred to prop the walls during construction as the weight of the blocks holds them in place.

Choose Ecobrix-UK for your self-build and we’ll be on hand throughout to assist with any technical queries. We also have a comprehensive collection of technical resources available to you.

Your finished Ecobrix-UK home will be highly thermally efficient saving you money on your future energy bills. Learn more about the benefits of building with Ecobrix-UK by clicking here.

Click here to view some of our self-builder projects.

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