What finishes can you use on a Durisol build?

Building with┬áDurisol provides excellent flexibility in terms of the finishes that can be applied to it, both internally and externally. So, whatever look you’d like to achieve on your finished build you’ll find it’s possible with Durisol.

The woodcrete creates a rough surface, which provides a perfect key for wet finishes such as plasters and renders. Externally, renders can be applied (usually by approved installers) onto the bare Durisol to provide weather tightness and air tightness as well as an aesthetic finish.

What type of finishes can you use on a Durisol build?

Externally, Durisol can also be matched in with local brickwork or stonework using either synthetic or real brick and stone slips. It’s also possible to screw battens and a house wrap membrane to the Durisol and then overlay timber cladding of your choice. Fischer has conducted testing on a variety of fixings into the woodcrete to enable a builder to safely screw battens directly into Durisol without the need for drilling and plugging.

Finishes on a durisol build
Different types of finishes on a Durisol build

Internally, again the options are broad. A wet plaster takes very well to the woodcrete. The added benefit from a plasterer’s perspective is that the woodcrete doesn’t support capillary action and as such, it doesn’t suck moisture out of the plaster during its application. This gives the plasterer more working time to get a perfect finish. Alternatively, plasterboard can either be screwed directly to the Durisol or “dot and dabbed” or fixed to battens which are screwed directly into the woodcrete.