Durisol ICF in Grand Designs: The Street

Tonight sees the opening programme of Grand Designs: The Street, a six-part series, presented by Kevin McCloud, which follows the first 10 self-builders as they build a brand new street from scratch at Graven Hill, Bicester.

You can watch the programme here.

Durisol ICF was used to build two of 10 pioneering self-build homes featured on the programme.

The first of its kind, Graven Hill is the UK’s largest self-build and custom build community. The local council bought the 187-hectare site from the MOD and pre-approved outline planning before selling the plots to the general public for around £100,000 each.

The site will eventually house up to 1,900 beautiful and unique homes.

Plot one owners, Terry and Olwen, chose to construct their three-bedroom self-build home with Durisol ICF as did their friend and builder of a two-bedroomed house next door, Lynn.

Terry and Olwen’s vision was to build a bespoke, future-proofed, giant wedge of a house while Lyn’s smaller but bold design features a spacious and modern open plan ground floor level with a cantilevered second floor.

Both sets of Durisol self-builders started their 16-month builds in April 2017 and are now living in their new homes.

Grand Designs followed their self-build journeys which you can watch in episode one which airs tonight. The programme will air at 9pm on Channel 4.

You can read about Terry and Olwen’s story and see their finished home in our Featured Projects.