How does ICF increase energy and cost efficiency?

A straightforward way to increase energy efficiency in a building is to use insulated concrete formwork (ICF) as the primary structural material.

ICF is hollow lightweight blocks that lock together without mortar joints to provide a formwork system into which concrete is poured.

Unlike most ICFs, cement-bonded wood fibre material (woodcrete) is the component material for Durisol ICF units which are pre-insulated with PIR insulation.

How does ICF increase energy and cost efficiency?

Efficient and fast construction

The cost of building with Durisol ICF is lower than using traditional construction methods.

The single skin construction reduces material consumption – no mortar, vapour barrier, breathable membrane or wall ties are required. Durisol walling units are engineered to precise dimensions so order numbers can be more exact with less wastage.

The construction method is simple so highly trained, and expensive tradespeople are not necessary.

1.5 metres (vertical) of concrete can be poured without displacement (equivalent to six courses of Durisol) which can provide a time saving of up to 30%, depending on the comparative wall construction technique.

Lower energy usage

Durisol wall form units are designed so that the insulation is external to the concrete core and wraps around the full envelope of the wall. The thermal mass effect from this insulation results in reduced heating costs as the energy/heat in the wall is transferred back into the cooler air.

Building with Durisol can deliver low u values and PSI values (average 0.04 to 0.08) which surpass UK building regulation requirements and exceed traditional cavity and timber frame construction values.

Built to last

Buildings built with ICF are robust and designed to last. Buildings constructed with ICFs are six to nine times stronger than buildings which have been made with traditional construction materials.

Not only do Durisol buildings have longevity but they can also withstand severe weather. The picture below shows a lone Durisol built house standing firm in the midst of the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina.

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Image credit: Pixabay