How does the cost of Durisol ICF compare?

Materials and labour are primary cost drivers for a development, so how does the cost of using Durisol ICF compare to other systems?

Recently, having completed the construction of 11 Durisol homes on a development site, the masonry subcontractor ran the numbers to compare the cost of Durisol with block and block and brick and block construction and understand the savings.

The contractor worked out the material costs and all the associated labour costs to arrive at the figures below:

Durisol ICF Cost Comparison

Cost of Durisol ICF comparison
As you can see, Durisol ICF was the most cost-effective in terms of the rate per square metre and speed of build.

How was Durisol superior to block and block and brick and block?

Simple construction: Durisol has few component parts: the units themselves, mixed concrete, and rebar for the lintels. In contrast, masonry construction requires a plethora of ancillary items, including insulation, ties, cavity closers, cavity trays, sand, cement, lintels, and movement joints.

Speed of build: The simplicity of the Durisol system means it is quick to build with, thus reducing the build time and associated labour cost.

The example above didn’t account for other cost-saving factors, which include:

Prelim savings: Durisol’s quicker construction time also reduces the main contractor’s costs associated with running the site, such as cabins, site staff, plant, insurance, and security. In the example above, the three-week reduction in build time compared to block and block was a potential saving to the developer of £24,000 (£8,000 per week to keep the site operational).

No weather delays: Durisol can be built in all weathers, meaning no delays to the build because of adverse conditions, which cost time and money.

Lower labour rates: Both block and block and brick and block construction require skilled bricklayers. However, Durisol can be built with supervised semi-skilled labour at lower rates.

Profit realisation: The speed of a Durisol build enables a development to come to market and for the developer to quickly achieve a return on their investment, reducing the financing costs of the project and boosting cash flow.

The cost benefits of using Durisol ICF as the primary construction material apply regardless of the size of the development. But as the development scales up, it’s clear to see the potential of Durisol to drive profitability increases.

If you’d like to see what cost savings could bring to your development, please get in touch.