What can you build with Durisol blocks?

The simpler question to answer would be, what can’t you build with Durisol blocks?

Durisol blocks are hollow units constructed from woodcrete (a wood fibre and cement mix), which are stacked onsite and infilled with concrete. The blocks are extremely versatile and have been successfully used for a wide variety of build projects across the world since 1947.

What can you build with Durisol blocks?

Self-build homes and extensions

The simplicity of the system makes Durisol an attractive option for self-builders. Durisol blocks are so easy to construct that many self-builders carry out the build themselves without requiring skilled tradespeople.

Housing developments

Building with Durisol is fast enabling developers to realise a return on their investment quickly and as Durisol blocks exceed all current building regulation requirements, building with Durisol is straightforward and compliant.

Social housing

With the pressure to build new affordable homes as quickly and cheaply as possible without compromising safety and quality, Durisol blocks are the perfect solution.

In addition to the speed of build, and cost efficiency Durisol also has the added benefit of fire resistance which is an essential requirement when building for social housing. Durisol blocks have attained European levels of fire resistance, which are considerably higher than the UK regulations and have a 90-minute certified fire rating.

Commercial and multi-use buildings

Durisol blocks have been used to construct schools, office blocks, and retail units. Durisol meets the requirement for both speed and ease of build while its thermal mass effect fulfils the demand for low energy consumption post-build, an essential factor for commercial buildings.


The Durisol blocks are moisture resistant so ideal for underground structures where water is a concern. Durisol does not rot or decay nor support fungal or bacterial growth. It meets the BS 8102:2009 Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground.

You can read more about the benefits of building with Durisol here and see some examples of Durisol build projects here.

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