Why build a house with woodcrete ICF?

With so many construction materials and methods available to you, why would you choose to build a house with woodcrete ICF?

Woodcrete ICF is a reliable alternative to cavity masonry, brick and block, block and block and timber-frame construction which offers many benefits.

Advantages of building with woodcrete ICF

Lower energy costs

Woodcrete ICF is highly energy efficient, which will mean lower energy bills in your new home. The energy efficiency is due to the concrete mass within the wall, which creates a heat store and levels out the temperature changes within the house. Additionally, our woodcrete ICF forms have the insulation primarily on the exterior of the concrete mass. This positioning allows the transfer of heat/energy between the concrete mass and the interior space to maximise any thermal mass gains.

Building with Durisol woodcrete ICF can deliver low u values which will ensure substantial savings on your heating bills.

Ease and speed of use

Woodcrete ICF forms are lighter than concrete blocks so are much easier to work with. The simple construction method is easy to learn and ensures a quick build.

Unlike their polystyrene counterparts, Woodcrete ICF forms are sturdy enough to require minimal bracing before the concrete pour.

Healthy home

Woodcrete ICF does not contain or emit any toxic elements. It’s an inert material with no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) or off-gassing. Also, the cement content of the woodcrete material creates an above average pH environment at the wall surface, which inhibits the growth of mould and fungi.

Sturdy home

Woodcrete ICF houses are six to nine times stronger than those built using traditional construction materials. They also have excellent wind resistance and are fireproof (the mineralisation process makes woodcrete inert).

Your woodcrete ICF house will be built to last.

Sustainable process

Woodcrete ICF is a sustainable product derived from recycled clean softwood waste material that would otherwise go to a landfill site. The manufacturing process sequesters the carbon in the wood that would otherwise release into the environment during the natural decay of the waste material.

Do you want to find out more? If you think you’d like to build a house with woodcrete ICF, why not come along to one of our free training days? We’ll show you how to build with Durisol woodcrete ICF and answer any queries you have.