Why should ICF be considered for social housing?

Why should ICF be considered for social housing? With the pressure to build new affordable homes as quickly and cheaply as possible without compromising safety and quality, ICF is the perfect solution.

Durisol ICF is a proven system which has been successfully used for build projects throughout the world for nearly 70 years.

Why should ICF be considered for social housing? Speed of build

As the UK has an insufficient stock of affordable homes, speed is of the essence when it comes to new social housing schemes, and this is where Durisol ICF has a significant advantage over traditional construction.

Durisol ICF wall form units are interlocking modules (supplied pre-insulated) which are dry stacked without mortar joints to form walls. The units are then in-filled with concrete to form a monolithic structural walling system.

The simplicity of the system means that construction is fast and does not require skilled tradespeople such as bricklayers or carpenters. As an example, it takes on average just seven days to complete the structure of a pair of three-bedroomed semi-detached houses.

Furthermore, costly delays due to inclement weather are not an issue when using Durisol ICF as construction can continue even in sub-zero temperatures.

Why should ICF be considered for social housing? Cost-efficiency

Keeping costs low is a priority on all building schemes but none more so than on social housing projects where budgets are constrained. Using Durisol ICF for the structural element of the build is a cost-efficient solution.

Skilled operatives can be quickly and easily trained to build with Durisol ICF reducing the reliance on specialist tradespeople and helping to contain project costs. Also, the quick construction method reduces the likelihood of potential project delays that increase the budget and impact on profitability.

As the costs for skilled tradespeople and traditional build materials continue to rise, Durisol ICF offers a price competitive alternative.

Why should ICF be considered for social housing? Safety

Ensuring fire resistance is a crucial issue for social housing providers following the tragic incident at Grenfell Tower in June 2017.  Durisol ICF wall form units have attained European levels of fire resistance, which are considerably higher than the UK regulations.

Durisol ICF has a 90-minute certified fire rating but can withstand exposure to fire for up to four hours.

To find out more about Durisol ICF and how it could benefit your social housing project, please contact our head office on 01495 249400. We’d love to discuss your project and show you some ICF builds in progress.